Welcome to Metro Safety First Aid Training School

You have taken a very important step towards securing the safety of your family or workforce. At Metro Safety we are seriously committed to your education and training and have been providing industry leading First aid training and safety courses to suit your goals since 2008. Our 6000 square foot facility in Coquitlam is centrally located to serve students from Vancouver, the lower mainland and throughout the Fraser valley.

All of our courses are taught by dedicated professionals and designed to provide our students the knowledge and skills they need to reduce injury, prevent time loss, be in demand and increase skills through industry leading education and training.

We tailor our training to you, the adult learner. Realizing that everybody learns in different ways, we have created an education environment that caters to all students. The students and companies we work with have reported significant drops in injury rates and time loss accidents from our training and Occupational Health and Safety Management Programs.

Why Register For Emergency Training?

If you’re a working adult, you understand better than anyone the importance of emergency training. Sometimes, it can make the difference between winning and losing a client; other times, it can make the literal difference between life and death.

Whatever the nature of our emergency, no matter who it involves—it places us in a situation that we normally don’t anticipate, and compels us to act on instinct in order to “save the day”.

At Metro Safety Training, we believe your first instinct should be to act calmly and rationally—and take swift action based on experience and knowledge.

This is why we have established First Aid Training Schools all across British Columbia, offering comprehensive first aid courses and emergency training as part of our health and safety program.

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Metro Safety is Proud to offer courses at your location.

We have been proudly serving our surrounding areas since 2008. Click here to find out times and availability. Or Call Us Today! 604-521-4227

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